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The Agile and Collaborative Retail Value Chain

How Indian retailers can change their operating model to meet the needs of connected consumers

Today’s customers are more connected than ever. As they navigate the various technologies at their fingertips, the line between purely digital and influenced by digital is becoming blurred. As a result, customers expect retailers to provide the right product at the right price at the right time. Above all, they want an integrated experience across all platforms. Guaranteed in-store inventory, an omnichannel experience, shorter delivery lead times-these are only a few of the demands of today’s connected consumers.

In this rapidly changing world, enabled by unfettered digital access, forward-thinking Indian retailers are taking note of these trends and preparing their businesses accordingly. In this brochure, Chemiepharma outlines how India’s retailers can develop an agile and collaborative value chain to future-proof their businesses against the expectations of today’s connected consumer.

This report aims to help retailers and business leaders put their fingers on the pulse of the connected consumer and understand the trends that are shaping India’s retail value chain. Through global best practices, consumer and retailer surveys, in-depth CXO interviews and cutting-edge analysis of the nation’s consumer retail market, we have identified five key trends that will determine the state of the retail value chain in the coming years.

Our analysis covers all aspects of the value chain-from supplier collaboration to digital enablement of the sales force-and lists the steps retailers can take to succeed in this rapidly transforming Indian landscape.