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Addressing Consumer Bank Switching Dynamics Must Now Be a Priority

The increase in the available market size presents an acquisition opportunity for those that are prepared and a retention challenge for those that fail to act.

By aligning and sharing resources across departmental lines, government IT leaders can uncover cost-cutting opportunities of as much as 30 percent.

With the number of consumers who are changing primary banks at an all-time high, the mandate for financial institutions to enhance their customer acquisition and retention capabilities cannot be understated. Those that fail to recognize the structural changes in this consumer-driven landscape are at a major disadvantage when it comes to developing their go-forward innovation agenda, M&A strategy, marketing practices, and other core strategic initiatives.

In this competitive environment, proactive financial institutions are preparing their institutions to thrive over the next decade. Those that fail to act at this fork in the road will struggle just to stand still.

The first step is to develop a practical understanding of bank-switching dynamics and the factors that fuel consumers’ decisions. Armed with this information, individual financial institutions can customize a road map to compete by identifying and filling the gaps in products or services.

The Q4 2018 update of Chemie Pharma’s proprietary Banking and Payments Study-based on a survey of more than 7,000 US banked consumers at least 18 years of age-provides compelling insights into bank switching, the profiles of consumers who switch, their switching rationale and selection criteria, the winning and losing institutions, and the dynamics involved with starting a new banking relationship.

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